White Gypsy Brewery – The Story behind the Making of a First Class Brewer and a First Class Irish Stout


White Gypsy Brewery Tasting at Greenville, 11th June 2017.

I love to leave local produce for guests who stay at Greenville. I will leave out a local cheese like Cashel Blue and a freshly made soda bread from my own kitchen and suggest they use full fat Irish butter on the bread – so I have to leave that out too, as otherwise guests may be tempted to desecrate the bread with some low fat spread. In more recent times another product has been added to the list. I leave a bottle or two of White Gypsy Brewery beer for people to sample, with some tasting glasses, specially designed for the brewery ( for a full list of their produce see http://www.whitegypsy.ie/).  I am always looking for high quality products to promote that originate in Tipperary.

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